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:About Parrotreads:
Parrot Reads Publishers was established in 1998, as an independent publisher and representative of various overseas publishers from US, UK, CANADA and AUSTRALIA. Primarily books for General Trade and Higher Educational. Soon it was appointed stock-holding agent of Tormont Publishers, Canada and Brown Reference Group, UK. Now Parrot Reads Publishers also represents the following International Publishers in the capacity of their agent in South Asia. The publishers are:-
PIM Press
Creative Homeowner Publisher
Source Books
Michelle Anderson Publishers
Fairview Press
James Clarke & Co. Ltd
Commonwealth Secretariat
Merlin Press
Brimar Tormont Publishing
Wilfred L'Oreal University Press
Sally Milner Publishing Pty. Ltd
Brown Reference Group
Anness Publishing Ltd
Green Books

Parrot Reads Publishers own publishing is rapidly growing. Our January – July 2007 program has some 05 new titles are in the pipeline.
Aside of the above, Parrot Reads Publishers also undertakes the printing in India on EPZ (Export Promotion Zone) for number of various publishers both for b/w text to full colour work including editing pre-press, printing and binding for their World Market.

Parrot Reads Publishers is a fast growing company with experts in all departments of publishing packaging and marketing.
We are a group of highly experienced sales and marketing professionals (with a background of handling as an agent of foreign publishers from United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada specializing in promoting and distributing their books and interactive software throughout India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh Nepal and Bhutan.

PARROT READS has its two different offices in New Delhi, the capital of India, and consists of a team of dedicated peoples with several decades of experience in both trade, Academic Institutes, University Libraries and corporate. We also have resident representatives in three different locations in India. i.e Bombay, Chennai and Calcutta.

Our Marketing strategy:

Our strategy involves focusing on a specific area of expertise in which we are as strong a group as in any company anywhere in the world.

We focus on five geographical markets; India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh Nepal and Bhutan, and in a wide range of market segments. Ours delivery-intensive, word-of-mouth, repeat-business model.

Our Promotion strategy:

We participate in selected exhibitions and book fairs to promote the corporate image and product range on offer. Such venues also provide excellent business opportunities in both Trade and Academic segments.

From time to time we undertake direct mailing to potential contacts, approaching them with special value offers. Reasonable returns plus good publicity we expected out of this exercise.

Our Sales strategy:

All sales done by our head office on firm-order basis only. We don’t except any return option offered to any customer. This is applicable to all product ranges. We import the order on procurement basis and invoice the same locally. The credit and payment terms we fix based on the customer’s background and corporate standing.

Being local representative of overseas publishers it really helps them to closer monitoring of credit terms and ensuring timely remittances, which really enable them to seek higher credit limits and insurance from the insurance companies for the customers doing well. Further, quicker and efficient servicing of orders it plays a key role in boosting customer retention. In addition to the traditional market segments, we are able to extend our market reach to non-trade buyers, for example, corporate buyers looking for bundling offers.

Our Objectives:

  • To identify and establish result-oriented distribution networks through one or a combination of distributors for our principals.
  • Continue to offer satisfactory sales and marketing services.
  • To catalyze the explosion of imported books and CD ROMs in India.
  • Strong management team with comprehensive knowledge of ground realities.
  • Build long-term relations with clients to develop a loyal repeat customer base.
  • Carefully monitoring response rates of all new product launches.
  • Follow-on marketing of select titles.
  • Developing visibility to generate new business leads.
  • Development of products based on localized content to increase the market potential.

Our Network:

Mentioned below are the National and Regional Distributors and Key Retail accounts in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh whom we have dealt with for a long period of time and thus have excellent business relationship.

National Distributors

Total National Trade Distributors are (23)

Regional Distributors

Total Regional Trade Distributors (13)

Chain of Book Shops

Total Chain of Bookshops (7) – total 40 stores across India

Key Retailers

The total Key retails with good reputation are (22)

Educational, Scientific, Technical, Law, Medical & Library Suppliers

National Distributors

The total national distributors for the above mentioned subjects are (47)

Regional Distributors

The Total regional distributors for the above mentioned subjects are (9)

Key Retailers & Library Suppliers

The total Key retailers & Library Suppliers for the above mentioned subjects are (14)

Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka there are (8) major distributors


In Nepal there are (6) major distributors


In Bangladesh there are (5) major distributors

Our Services:

Marketing Services

  • Design and Printing of Special India catalogues and price lists
  • Arranging notices and reviews in all major newspapers and magazines
  • Mailing of samples, jackets, advance information, sheets etc., to the trade
  • Advertising in both print and electronic media.
  • Clipping services of notices for circulation.
  • Compilation of specialized mailing list of trade, Academic Institutions, Universities Libraries and individuals. Classification, electronic storage and retrieval of database.
  • Author events such as signings, interviews and reading sessions.
  • Exhibition and Book Fairs
  • In store promotions


  • Credit rating and fixing of limits
  • Liaison with customers, debt collection agencies and legal action if required
  • Monitoring of dues and mailing of statements


  • Disposal of overstocks, remainders and obsolete editions at negotiated price.
  • Adoptions and mailing to universities and institutions of learning
  • Scouting and vetting of manuscripts etc.
  • Single Source solution capability from initial project development to pre-press deliverables
  • Integrated Internet and print delivery solutions
  • Complete book development from concept through to print
  • Authoring services
  • Data conversion Services – Forms Processing, Imaging Services, DTD Development etc
  • Art and Design
  • Editorial packaging
  • Individual services such as fact-checking, proofreading, Copyediting and indexing
  • Preparing foreign language products and translations
    Print Production coordination for jobs executed in India

Our Team

Managing Director
Sales Director
Sales Manager
Accounts Manager
Sales Executives (5)
Resident Representatives (3) in different locations

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